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222 Power Words for 2022: Decide and be prepared to be delighted by what it can achieve!

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Every year our social media newsfeeds are filled with ‘new year, new me’ resolutions that quickly fizzle out and are forgotten about as soon as February hits. Almost all of us have made new year’s resolutions we have never achieved and the whole concept of making such plans is almost universally ridiculed because, well, it just so rarely happens successfully. 


But why set resolutions if you’re likely to fail? Indeed there’s certainly nothing wrong with goal-setting, forward-planning and fresh habit-building – but it’s not very constructive to repeat an action that holds no real dedication. Doing what you’ve always done leads to the same repetitive result, and you want more for this year, and for it to be better, right?

Well we may have just found the solution…

January 2022’s most recent social media trend may just have uncovered a much simpler and likely-to-succeed method: Power Words.


Setting a Power Word is a fantastic way to start the new year with an intention without committing yourself inadvertently to the unobtainable or unrealistic. A single word that sums up what you need more of in life. A Power Word can relate to something you need to focus or improve on in order to best reach your full potential, and be the strong and independent woman you want to be.


A Power Word allows you to keep an easy-to-remember motivation in mind throughout the year without the requirement to carry out a set task or activity; as well as encouraging you to consider the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to your own personal development.

Setting your Power Word…

It may be helpful for you to watch inspirational speeches by women you admire, read books focused on the goals you want to achieve, (or those who have already achieved them), or to ask others close to you what they feel could work for you. 


Choosing a word that sits in alignment with your existing values provides an anchor: every time you’re tasked with a decision, you can reflect on your power word and decide what steps to take so you move forward with confidence. Your Power Word can cement an idea in your head that will help you navigate your way to your best life.


Ask yourself: what do you want more of in your life, and what do you want less of in your life? Reflecting back on your life thus far – particularly the last two years, which have been hugely hectic for most people – should help you judge which Power Word would empower you to go out into the big, wide world and go after what you want. 


Don’t be afraid to look back across aspects of your life you’re not overly happy with either, or that you hold concerns around. These aspects can help you select a Power Word that is the alternative or opposite to your current issues, in order to encourage improvement and betterment. 

For example…

If you find yourself acting with reservation or uncertainness, looking for another word for self-doubt may help you identify its antidote. Confidence may seem too strong if you’re particularly unsure, but Assertiveness, Determination, Leadership or Performance may fit the bill. If you’ve already made or are looking to make life changes, something like Adaptability, Decisiveness, Freedom, Truth or Vitality may give you the focus you need to continue on the right path. 


It may be that you look at the list of Power Words and find one that jumps out at you right away – this is often the case! If something does grab your attention right away, consider how it fits for you and your goals; but don’t be afraid to take the plunge and cement it in your mind if it feels right.


Why not display your Power Word around your house, in your bedroom, on your phone as a background or as a sticker on your water bottle, coffee mug, laptop, or keys? Every time you read it you’ll be reacquainted with your direction and goals, and can mentally run through how you’re working toward achieving your objectives and dreams with your Power Word in mind.

You’re in control of how 2022 pans out…

And you’ve made it through some rough old times already! Picking a Power Word and keeping it at the forefront of your mind through the year ahead can help you focus and grow so you advance to be the best you possible. 


Unsure of where to start? Click here to check out a list of 222 power words that’ll get you on your way!

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