Hi, I'm Emma,

I have been on a bit of a 'journey over the past few years which has lead me to relocate my whole life, including my 3 children and my partner Matt to a farm in the rolling Devon countryside, from the hustle and bustle of Essex! this isn't about the move itself even though you will hear more about our new life  and where we live , but its about how I became the person that I needed to be to make 'that' change and live 'that' life I'd always dreamed of.

hopefully it will help you make some changes in your world. whether it be in learning a new skill, loosing some weight maybe asking your boss for a raise or promotion at work. The idea is to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding that have to help you become the best version of you possible!

When I was growing up, I always struggled with low self-confidence and self-esteem. I was always criticising myself and doubting my abilities. It has only been in the last few years that I have developed a better relationship with myself and have learnt to love myself for who I am and for what I have achieved. Growing in self-confidence is no mean feat, it takes time to develop the skills, habits and beliefs required for you to really value yourself and love yourself for who you are.

I have always had a love for people. I love meeting new people, connecting with them, listening to their stories and learning from their experiences. This is what lead me to create this website, it's been a silent vision of mine for a while now! I want to help other women gain more confidence and encourage them to become the best possible version of themselves, without any guilt, worry or fear of what others may think. You have to make peace with your past to grow and fight off those fears and anxieties that hang around and make us feel bad. Other people play a big part in how we perseve ourself, our friends and the people we hang around with being the more significant. Sometimes all you need is friend. Someone to have your back, that encourages you and knows your capable of great things! I want to be that friend to any women that is need of it.

So... Be yourself, let people see the real you. Once you start believing in yourself, magic happens! Recognise your true value, know your worth, follow your dreams and live your best life.


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