Yellow Brick Roads

Hey y'all...

Your Celebrity Double is...

Here’s The Truth...

Just like ‘B’, you’re a natural born leader who’d much rather take control of situations than sit back and follow the pack.


You’re definitely not afraid to show up and take charge and as for bravery, you have that in bucket loads.


Your ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude means not only are you a great self-starter you also love being in a position of authority.


‘Powerhouse’ is your middle name! You prefer being in control of your own environment and personal freedom is where it’s at. Being supervised doesn’t exactly go down well with you as you prefer to do exactly as you please.


You’re super confident making decisions and taking action… well, that comes as second nature to you. No time for hanging around and procrastinating… impatience is a word you know only too well.


There’s nothing more motivating than your own achievements, right? When you want something, you just go get it gal!


Just like Beyonce’s alter-ego Sasha Fierce, you are one fearless lady. New experiences don’t even faze you, and you like to jump right in with both feet.


And challenges? What challenges? You’re a keen problem-solver and nothing lights you up more than getting those results.

You've Got This Girl!

You have positivity in spades and thanks to your optimistic nature you always look on the bright side so things tend to go your way, and that’s just how you roll!

When you enter a room, all eyes are on you. You’re not one to stay in your little box, that’s for sure. You have super-charged self-confidence and your natural charisma is off the scale. It’s no wonder people look to you for decisions and direction. You’re a woman on a mission and everybody knows it! Who runs the world? You do!

You’re definitely a big picture thinker and just like Queen Bey, you know exactly where you’re headed. Onwards and upwards is your motto and as long as something gets you closer to your goal, you’re all over it!

You totally own all your personality strengths and you are unapologetically ready to step into your power every day. But it’s time to recognise where you’re coming up short and what’s stopping you from really slaying those goals. I know you’re up for this because you love a challenge!

Ready To Make Your
Move? Let’s do this!

Focusing on the big picture has got the Yoncé stamp all over it. But what about those finer details, sis? It’s all very well focusing on what you want to achieve, but how are you gonna get there? Someone hand this woman a map!

Everyone knows you’re a forward thinker and you don’t like to dwell on the past. Ain’t nobody got time for that! But sometimes the devil’s in the detail and looking back can help us avoid those risks and mistakes.

You like to be the boss and the decision maker and you’re no stranger to hard work. But do you really have to do it all alone? Doing everything yourself isn’t scalable and can only take you so far. What happened to the Beyhive? Where’s your girls at?

Sure, you’ve got your own way of doing things, but getting outside input is where the magic happens. It’s a sure fire way to guarantee growth and expansion. If there is one thing you can take away from this quiz it’s that you would do well to actively listen.

It’s Your Time...

We all think that Beyonce is bulletproof, but the truth is, even my girl B has fears and limiting beliefs. Letting go of control doesn’t necessarily put you at risk of being taken advantage of and I know this is your biggest fear.


No one likes being played, it sucks, but avoiding this can get in the way of finding a team of supporters who’ve got your back. It’s ok to let people in whilst working towards your goals. You don’t always have to show up as Sasha Fierce!


You want results and you want them now. But your impatience means you often take on too much all at once.


Be mindful of your pace and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! You are super powerful and can change the world (if you want to!) but there is no need to wear yourself out trying to do it all at once. It’s ok to slow down a little.


Continue to focus on the big picture, dream it, work hard and grind till you own it. The world is your oyster and is always giving you answers and solutions.


Listen and learn – your persuasion can build a nation!

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