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There is no better time than now to master your mindset and achieve your goals. Tune in to our podcast to learn how you can take inspired action and achieve the life you desire.

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Hi, I'm Emma

your host on the Crossroads Cafe Podcast.

I’m a mum who doubts, procrastinates and at times is scared sh*less of what the future holds for myself and my family. 

I started my own business in early 2017 trying to figure out all this personal development stuff and how it could benefit my own life. 

It’s been a bumpy ride but one I wouldn’t change for the world! 


Mastering your mindset will take you from striving to thriving… because when you fuel your mind with positive thoughts and feelings, wonderful things begin to happen for you. 

We’re here learning from hundreds of mums from around the world who have worked it all out and achieved both personal and professional success. 

It’s time to listen to their stories… the good and the bad, the highs and the lows….learn from their mistakes, and feel inspired to take action towards your own life goals. 


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