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Your Highness!

Here’s The Truth...

Take a bow; you share many personality traits with The Duchess of Cambridge.


Like Kate, you’re friendly, approachable and sympathetic. Your ability to listen and understand makes you a noble communicator, bridging divides and acting as an unbiased peacemaker.


As one would expect from royalty, you are a loyal subject and fortunately have no aversion to authority; where they lead, you are happy to follow, and you do so with a smile, a rigid spine and a tilt of the head that inspires nothing but a calm confidence in you.


You prefer to cultivate close personal relationships. Your regal presence is the foundation of your social circle, ensuring consistency and harmony. However, you have been known to be a people-pleaser and often at times struggle to say no,  removing yourself from the chance to shine where it might be warranted.


Criticism does not go down well with you and is something you should try hard to overthrow.


You strive for consensus and feel obligated to resolve conflicts when they arise.


You’re a right royal mediator, preferring people to hold their peace. Much like the regency before you, you do have a tendency to bear a grudge.


Overall, however, stability is the name of the game. You feel most at ease in a peaceful and safe environment surrounded by people you trust.


Routine brings a sense of security and harmony. It ranks highly on your most-wanted list as you value predictability and reliability. Rather than exciting you, surprises unsettle you.


Change, in your eyes, is best avoided, but if necessary, you need to understand why it’s happening in the first place, and you want enough warning to enable you to adjust.

Princesses don’t like to be rushed!

Ready To Make Your
Move? Let’s do this!

Your unique personality means you excel at multitasking and you are able to see both the bigger picture and the smaller steps that will get you there. Not one to abdicate your responsibilities, you always see things through to completion with an air of enthusiasm and a coy smile that never falters.


In order to live happily ever after, you need to face your fears. Accept that change is inevitable and learn to go with the flow. Let yourself be carefully guided down the path of least resistance and remember that with change comes growth and abundance.

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