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The 8 Steps To Business Success for Female Entrepreneurs

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Social media feeds and news articles are full of inspiring female entrepreneurs smashing glass ceilings, dispelling gender stereotypes and exceeding their business goals. Yet we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic and society still expects women to carry the majority of the workload when it comes to housework, childcare and emotional labour – so just how are these blossoming business women managing it?!


The truth is, those frantically googling “how do I start up my own business” will quickly uncover reams of ‘must-do’s’ from other business women that have already walked the path, and doubt, procrastination and fear about what to do next. And yes, building a business from scratch while maintaining your own life, keeping your own responsibilities and, well, staying sane throughout a period of global crisis, isn’t easy – but it is worth it!


I co-host a podcast called ‘Crossroads Cafe’ where we interview female entrepreneurs and listen to their stories of success, failure, and perhaps most importantly, learning. Drawing on the hours of discussions and tonnes of notes we’ve made in light of this, we’ve created a guide that supports anyone looking to start up a new business. ‘The Essential Start-Up Guide’ that revolves around an 8-step process, will not only support you in getting started, it will also guide you along your journey to entrepreneurial success. 

Here are the 8-steps: 

1. Gain Clarity

The world is full of distractions – now and all the time – so it’s important to have real clarity on what you want to do, how you intend to do it and what success looks like for you. Everything that’s doesn’t serve you, inspire you or contribute to your vision needs to go, and you need to formulate a clear, realistic plan for work to get you started.

2. Meet Great People

Ever heard the reassurance “you’ll find your tribe”? Surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and encourage you is hugely important. This doesn’t just have to be your family and friends either, but also colleagues and even competitors – there’s room enough for everyone and there’s plenty to learn from each other.

3. Build Good Habits

If you hadn’t got up and at ‘em before, there will have been a reason for it. Building (and sustaining) new, positive habits can help you feel happier, more secure and more proactive and productive. Creating fresh habits in abundance will refresh your zest for life and your motivation, whatever it is you’re intending to achieve.

4. Ask Better Questions

Life is a challenge, but facing it in a structured and strategic way can change everything. Learn to ask more probing, informative and strategic questions of yourself, of others and of professional services to uncover more, learn more and achieve more.

5. Be Your Biggest Fan

Confidence in women isn’t the most common of traits, but it can be built. Building self-confidence with inherently positive self-talk can help you champion yourself and become your own cheerleader: a constant source of motivation and a solid reminder of how and why all the hard work is worth it.

6. Dare To Be Different

Whats your superpower? It’s you! No one is the same as you and that unique mix of strengths, skills and life experience brings something to the table that not a single other human can. Doing things differently; your way; allows you to niche and to work in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

7. Get Creative

Not everyone is naturally creative, but everyone has some form of creative talent – even if its not immediately evident. Uncovering and mastering your creativity is key to shaping the business you want to start and will help you successfully sustain it throughout the journey ahead.

8. Celebrate Success

You don’t need to have hit a million pounds in the bank or landed a radio interview or have hired an employee to be successful. Measures of success are different for everyone, and celebrating the small stuff is just as important as the big wins. Recognising and celebrating small successes can fuel your hunger for growth and continued development to motivate you further to achieve more.


The ‘Crossroads Café Essential Start-Up Guide’ covers all of these points and develops on each with a framework and handy tools to get female entrepreneurs started, guided and nurtured through their business journey. Why wait to start? Do what you can with what you have and where you are right now – and take the first step, today.



So… download your guide NOW and move forwards in the direction to making your  dream business a reality. Don’t doubt yourself. Start building your dream business today and living the life you’re destined to live. 

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