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Women Who Are Desperate For Change But Don’t Know Where To Start

Having spent the last two years living through times of unprecedented turmoil, uncertainty and change completely outside of our control, it is no surprise that so many of us are looking to reground, regroup and find ourselves again.  …But where do we start? Coronavirus and its impact on us all is by no means over yet. However, this shouldn’t stop

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Overcoming Social Anxiety and Building Confidence

Lockdown is finally over; for now, at least; and as a degree of normality resumes we are able to catch up with friends, connect in person with loved ones and just generally socialise and get out and about a little more.  These things all sound positive in theory – but in practice it’s been a year since most people have

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No More Excuses. It’s Time.

It’s something few of us admit to, but something we all do: make excuses.  When we don’t do something, don’t achieve something or don’t find something goes the way we expected (or hoped), we have an explanation for why that is the case. Whether or not this is wholly, partly or at all true is by-the-by… it’s an excuse, pure

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The 8 Steps To Business Success for Female Entrepreneurs

Social media feeds and news articles are full of inspiring female entrepreneurs smashing glass ceilings, dispelling gender stereotypes and exceeding their business goals. Yet we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic and society still expects women to carry the majority of the workload when it comes to housework, childcare and emotional labour – so just how are these

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome And Achieving Success You Can Enjoy

Imposter Syndrome isn’t often acknowledged and recognised, but it’s experienced by many women. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t deserve an opportunity, possess inadequate skills to have achieved what you have or suffer from self-doubt and feel you may be ‘found out’, then you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome.    Another word for ‘no confidence’ is unsure; and that’s exactly

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How To Homeschool And Stay Sane through Lockdown 3.0

Parents across the world right now have truly been thrown in at the deep end with continued school closures due to the coronavirus crisis – and the majority are having to try homeschooling for the first time. Of course, homeschooling has happened throughout every period of history by willing parents but it’s far from the norm for most; and with

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