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fed up at work

Fed Up At Work… Now What?

We’ve all been there… miserable, bored or feeling ‘stuck’ at work, confused and not knowing what to focus on first! Survey results vary but up to 85% of people go as far as saying they ‘hate’ their jobs; yet how many people do you know who say just that and do nothing about it? That inaction is more harmful than

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The Missing Link To Understanding Your Child

Being a mum to three girls, although wonderful, does have its challenges. My girls are all very different: their personalities, traits, the things they like and dislike and most importantly, they all have different values.   In the past, when I’ve learnt something new, if it wasn’t aligned to my values, I lost interest. And it’s proven knowledge that we

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building confidence

Women Who Are Desperate For Change But Don’t Know Where To Start

Having spent the last two years living through times of unprecedented turmoil, uncertainty and change completely outside of our control… it is no surprise that so many of us are looking to reground, regroup and find ourselves again.    But… where do you start?   Coronavirus and its impact on us all is by no means over yet…however, this shouldn’t

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Overcoming Social Anxiety and Building Confidence

Lockdown is finally over; for now, at least; and as a degree of normality resumes we are able to catch up with friends, connect in person with loved ones and just generally socialise and get out and about a little more.  These things all sound positive in theory – but in practice it’s been a year since most people have

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No More Excuses. It’s Time.

It’s something few of us admit to, but something we all do: make excuses.  When we don’t do something, don’t achieve something or don’t find something goes the way we expected (or hoped), we have an explanation for why that is the case. Whether or not this is wholly, partly or at all true is by-the-by… it’s an excuse, pure

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