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Looking At Rejection As Redirection

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People pleasers and influencer type personalities draw energy and inspiration from time spent around others. They’re able to see the best in people and always learn something new from someone new – even if it’s that they don’t wish to spend much more time with them at all.   These bubbly and creative happy people are truly a joy to …

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Can The Tortoise Ever Really Beat The Hare?

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You know the fable: two unequal partners race and the underdog wins. It’s not a directly relevant tale to life in all circumstances, and of course, you’ll face many situations in life that require a flight or fight response and quick, direct action. However, in most of life’s challenges, a more measured and considered response can be made.   One …

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How To Graciously Receive Criticism (and Even Appreciate It!)

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When you put your heart and soul into something or put yourself out there, there’s nothing more stinging than someone immediately saying something negative about it. It’s only human to become defensive if someone speaks badly or offers tough feedback on something you’ve worked hard at or on, but the fear of receiving criticism shouldn’t stop you embarking on the …