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Can The Tortoise Ever Really Beat The Hare?

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You know the fable: two unequal partners race and the underdog wins. It’s not a directly relevant tale to life in all circumstances, and of course, you’ll face many situations in life that require a flight or fight response and quick, direct action. However, in most of life’s challenges, a more measured and considered response can be made.


One of the most telling signs of girls becoming women and maturing mentally is that they’re able to not react to things immediately and instead make measured and thought-through responses in time. For some people, of course, this comes naturally, but for most people, and indeed lots of dominant, outgoing and task-orientated people, this isn’t the case.


Even if you’d like to be a bit quieter and more mindful (the classic think-before-you-speak regret reflex), it doesn’t always come easily – and often a response is formed and made before you even realise that it could have been managed differently.


Aside from the fable, you’ll have heard of another measured motivational quote: Rome wasn’t built in a day! In life, many mistakes are made through the rushing through of actions and calling shots too quickly.


In truth, in a controlled and innovative environment, no action is taken without thought, the weighing of options and perspectives, and mapped outcomes.


One of the most telling signs of a secure woman is that they won’t waver on a decision even when pressed. Sure: it may be that if people are used to rapid results and snap decisions from you that they chase, nag or even get agitated if you don’t always deliver in this way. However, doing so is not just often frequently bad decision-making practice, it’s also bad for you personally.

Slow down a little

When you work quickly it’s more likely to be inaccurate; leaving you to reflect and dwell on poor decisions made later on. Pacing yourself has been proven to boost productivity and can help sharpen the boundaries that are so necessary in women’s lives but so often blurred. It’s not easy to say no to things or to make people wait, but it can garner respect from others when it does happen if you stand tall and firm. 


Slowing down a little in your work (be it personal or professional) can actually demonstrate how much you care. You’re a powerful person, but one of the key lessons in how to value yourself as a woman is to value others too and really take the care and consideration in your interactions with them that you’d like to receive yourself.


Actively listening, consuming other people’s perspectives and opening your mind to new experiences, opinions and solutions can help you make better decisions and produce better, more accurate and more valuable results in all aspects of your life. Of course, if you’re an efficiency-loving fast-mover, pacing yourself won’t come naturally. There’s lots you can try. 

What to do

First, try splitting your day into set hours for different tasks – and allocate yourself more than you believe you need for each. You’ll be surprised just how long a time period a job can spill into if you take the time to go over it with a fine tooth-comb!


When making a decision, list out the risks and weigh these up tangibly against the benefits; and ask someone removed from the situation to look it over to give their perception of it all, too. Set aside some time at the end of each day to reflect upon any mistakes made or room for improvements, and learn from these to not repeat them the day after.


Don’t play Devil’s Advocate when looking at a problem, but instead look at it from the perspective of three different involved parties, and consider what impact your decision would have on each. Taking the time to extend your thoughts and acknowledge more responsibility in your remit can entirely reframe how you look to tackle or resolve an issue and the way in which you go about it. 


The world is your oyster and often provides different answers to questions itself, but if you do need extra help or inspiration, ask others. Listen, learn, and achieve.

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