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Good Habits: This Year and Beyond

build good habits

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A new year is always a time for reflection upon the past and planning for the future, but very few people ever make it to the end of a year having set and actually stuck to New Years Resolutions. Whatever good habits and big goals you have for yourself will only manifest themselves if you have the self-confidence and the drive to make them happen; even at times when you’re lacking in motivation or just can’t be bothered. 


Self-confidence results from a history of recognising (and celebrating!) your capabilities – meaning that if you’ve not managed to achieve your goals before, it can be difficult to find the inner assurance that you’ll be able to do it. Even if you can’t immediately call to mind a time where you’ve succeeded (or better yet, excelled!), that’s not to say you can’t do so now. 2020 was difficult for everyone, but 2021 could be your year… you’ve just got to learn how to shape it.


There are many steps involved to building good habits. It takes more than just declaring your resolutions on social media and then forgetting about them until you get an ‘on this day’ reminder the year after!


I’ve created the following 4 step process to help you get started in your quest to build good habits. These steps are necessarily easy steps, but if you truly want to shape good habits moving forward, they’re very worthwhile.

Step 1: Gaining Clarity

Wanting to be someone and do something is the easy part. The first thing you need to do is seek complete clarity on your goals and to do this, you must look back to look forward. Looking back over your last few years, identify where you’ve struggled and exactly what with. What could you gain from improving those situations? How would you deal with those situations if you were to live them again? What do you want to achieve – and what would you get in return? When you’re able to identify exactly what you want to change, you can begin to work toward it.

Step 2: Being Self-Aware

Knowing yourself is key to personal growth as without it, you’ll be unable to effectively work on changing your behaviours. It’s not always comfortable to really rake through your weaknesses and fears, but you can perk yourself up with the knowledge that you need to acknowledge and celebrate your strengths and successes too! Understand how confident you are, how happy you are, how assertive you are and how stressed you are and then rank it – this will help you identify the areas for improvement.

Step 3: Recognising Desires and Setting Goals

This is where you finally get to set your new years’ resolutions; only we’re going to make it a good habit for all year round and onward. How to do this depends on what your desires are. For example, if you think that better confidence in yourself would improve your situation, then ask yourself: what does confidence look like for you? Identify this and then map out the steps you need to take to reach it. Map your ultimate goals out into small, achievable steps, and begin to document your progress. Every step along the way is a step closer to the you that you want to be.

Step 4: Build Good Habits

As mentioned above, you should split your goals into small steps so that you’re able to make steady progress. Setting and maintaining good habits will help you keep moving forward through these steps and eventually, to reach your goals. Consider your current behaviours. Which would you like to keep (ie. what do you feel you deal with well?), and which would you like to change (ie. which do you feel you don’t deal with very well?). Lose anything that doesn’t serve you well and keep yourself disciplined to improve on those that can be bettered. 


Building good habits is what will keep you disciplined enough to continue working toward your goals even when times get tough – and we’ve certainly seen some of those recently! When you’re feeling in need of some extra inspiration to motivate you through, do some googling for confident woman quotes or successful woman quotes and read up on what others credit with their progress.


The YBR Personal Growth Plan will guide you through all of this and help you map it out in a clear, concise way. Take a few minutes to work through it and start your journey with the right foot forward. 


Download your plan below and do it NOW…. Don’t wait, sometimes later becomes never.

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