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How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days without starving yourself

how to lose belly fat in 10 days

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To lose belly fat in a short period of time is not only achievable, it isn’t as difficult as may think! Many women wonder how they can lose belly fat within 10 days… and in this blog post, I’ve got that covered for you.


If you commit and stick to the plan, you’ll be on your way to reaching your goal Smaller portion sizes, alcohol limitation, increased water consumption and giving your sweet tooth a different type of sugar hit, will ensure that your belly fat takes a nose dive and ends up somewhere near your big toe rather than round your waistline!

Don’t miss my secret little tip to a gorgeous toned stomach with very little effort that can be found at end of this post, along with your FREE download that’ll help you to get the body you’ve always wanted.

Banishing the Belly

Losing belly fat not only makes you feel confident and look good, it can be life saving too. It reduces your chances of suffering heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and breathing problems.


Yellow Brick Roads is all about helping you build your confidence and achieve your goals. People who are fit and healthy, (emotionally and physically), tend to have higher self-esteem and more confidence than those who aren’t. This is why banishing the belly, if that’s what’s getting you down, is really important.


Lets get you mentally and physically fit, so you welcome all life’s challenges and smash past your goals, so keep reading….

the Mummy Tummy

I have 3 children and although I do love my exercise and manage my health and weight reasonable well, I have suffered with a saggy belly many times in my life. What I detail here, are tried and tested methods that I have personally used to reduce my own belly fat and tone my tummy. It’s not always easy to get the body of your dreams, but it’s doable. Like most successes: it’s important that you’re consistent and stick to a well scripted plan.


Like anything in life, you get out what you put in and even more if you stay consistent. I can guarantee that if you follow the plan and tweak your daily habits, you will see your waistline shrink before your very eyes!


After having my first daughter who is now 10, I was mortified by my saggy belly. It looked like a lump of jelly on a plate that wobbled all over the place. I was a huge fitness fanatic before having my first child. Time was on my side then, more so than it is now. I would hit the gym four or five times a week. I was hooked on the buzz I got after an intense exercise session and the positive community of the fitness centre. It gave me the best feeling and I loved it. Three kids down the line, less time, less energy and more jobs to get done, now hitting the gym isn’t as much of a priority. If I want to perform any exercise, it takes commitment, a good attitude and I have to plan ahead, however, if I stick to my plan, I get the results that I want.


If you have a plan to follow and you stick to it, achieving your goal becomes simple. It’s all about building new, positive habits so that they become your norm, and that toned body you’re looking for will start to appear.


Whatever it is you want out of life, your first step is to get clear on your goals: gain clarity and awareness. You obviously want to lose your belly fat otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but if you are looking for more and unsure of what that is, check out this clarity and confidence article, its sure to help you. 

the Perfect 10

Body image is everything… right? Lets not get too pretentious but if you are living on planet earth, you know that when you look good, you also feel good. When you feel good, your confidence increases and you start reacting differently to situations that you may have shied away from in the past.


Imagine how you will feel when you have that gorgeous 6-pack or lose those last 10 pounds? You can get back in that little black dress that you were unable to squeeze into just a few short weeks ago. Everyone compliments you on how great you look, and your esteem-o-meter is off the scale! You’ve done it! You set out and achieved what you said you would, you planned to ‘do’ it and now it’s ‘done’!


Losing your belly fat has become so much more than just that. You are confident, your self-esteem is through the roof and you are now helping others feel good about themselves too. We all have friends that are in need of a little pick me up and you are the person that does just that.


“Any goal, big or small, what you receive from it, is as important as the person you become” – YBR.


Ok, let’s answer your question – ‘How do I lose my belly fat?’ So here it is, a little tweaking and twerking (literally… but not in public), and you will be right on track to a leaner, happier you!


Don’t forget to download your FREE plan at the end of this post as it will help you stay consistent and stick to your goal.

How to lose belly fat in 10 days

Tighter in 10 Plan - 5 easy steps to success

Follow the steps in the plan every day and take action now.
Step 1: Portion Control – 10 inch plate

Lets think portion size.

The basic equation is:  Eat less + Move more = Lose weight.

I hear you when you say, ‘Do I have to give up everything that I love just to have a flat tummy?’ The good news is… No, You Don’t!


A great way of enjoying your food without having to give up on all the things you love to eat, is to reduce the amount you are eating. Just by reducing the size of your plate, you will reduce your calorie intake. Eat from a 10-inch plate rather than a 12-inch one, so two inches smaller. By doing so, you will consume 22% fewer calories at each serving, this is huge! It equates to a weight loss of 18 pounds per year in the average adult… good news for banishing belly fat.

Step 2: The Truth is Sweet!

We all know that sugar is bad for health. Excess sugar can lead to fat building up around your tummy – not what you want when trying to reduce your waistline. You don’t need to give sugar up completely, but you do need to reduce the amount that you are eating. Just doing this one step alone will significantly reduce your belly fat.


We all love our sugar, so this step is one of hardest, however, there are alternatives. Check out this great website for some healthy sweet treats: Truly Madly Healthy TMH offers a great cookbook that contains simple recipes that are super healthy.


Limit your sugar intake to 100 calories daily (in women) and if you want to save your sugar calories for the weekend, you can do just that and have a sugar splurge.


Fizzy Drink Phobes!

Just a note, liquid sugar is the worst. The brain doesn’t seem to register liquid calories like it does solid calories, so you end up consuming more. If you need a little fizz, give soda water a try with some fresh lemon or lime. It’s really refreshing and doesn’t have the harmful fructose like other fizzy drinks do.

Step 3: Kitchen Open late – not on my watch!

Eating after dinner tends to be more habitual than actual hunger. Sitting on the sofa in the evening with a cuppa (or a glass of wine) and some chocolate, increases your calorie consumption big time! Boredom often leads to snacking and if it is calorie heavy foods, not only does your calorie consumption rise, so does your belly fat!


If you like to have a snack in the evening after the 8pm window, make sure it is less than 100 calories. Go for a small bag of popcorn, a low fat yoghurt or some fruit. The chocolate brownies in the TMH cookbook are a yummy option too.

Step 4: There is No Life without Water… But there is without Alcohol!

Water is the source of life but lets face it, without a glass of wine here and there, it can be pretty boring!


Water really does help when it comes to reducing belly fat. It’s 100% no calories, it will suppress your appetite if consumed before meal times and it’s a natural calorie burner. It also keeps everything moving through the body efficiently, no more belly bloating because you are struggling to do a poo!


Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. This will be challenging at first but once you build it into your routine, it will become your new norm. Your skin, health and concentration levels will be so much better and it is all helping towards your goal of reducing the fat in your body.

Alcohol and weight loss do not go hand in hand…sorry, but this is the #truthbomb . You all know the disadvantages of alcohol when wanting to lose weight and fat. Let’s go back to the basic equation: 

Eat less (calorie consumption) + Move more = Lose weight.

Alcohol is empty calories. The more you drink, the more calories you consume. Alcohol stops your body from burning fat, leads to poor food choices and cravings and has a negative impact on your mental health. If you are interested in learning more, have a look at this article on alcohol and the negative impact it has on your body.


Lets not get too boring about it though. If you (like me) love a nice glass of wine, try and ensure it’s all in moderation.


Limit your alcohol consumption to 14 units a week (for women). This equates to 6/7 glasses of wine… that doesn’t sound too bad! Make sure you check your glass size though (6/7 glasses at around 175 ml glass size is 14 units).

Step 5: Commit To Be Fit

Any sort of exercise is going to help you lose belly fat so get your butt moving. Check out ‘work-out from home’ videos on youtube, join a Facebook group on ‘working out from home’ or get outside for a brisk walk. If you are tight on time, try HIIT workouts (High intensity interval training). I’m part of a morning fitness class run by Issy from FitnessIS: her sessions are brilliant and her classes are tailored so that you burn 10X calories in a shorter workout time. 


You all know the importance of exercise so I don’t need to go on about this one. Any exercise that increases your heart rate is going to help reduce fat and make you feel good in the process. The key here is consistency, without it, you will not achieve your goal. Set yourself up to succeed. Don’t over commit yourself and make sure you can fit the chosen exercise into your current daily routine.


Start with small doable actions everyday. Success Breeds Confidence’.


The Magic key

This leads me to the the finale…. Its all about repetition and consistency. All the above steps go hand in hand, one doesn’t work solely without the other. You could be exercising 3 hours a day but if all you eat is cakes, bread, muffins, pasta and cheese (you get the gist), you are not going to reduce the size of your waist… it just ain’t gonna happen.


“No-one ever succeeds without the help of others” – Jay Abraham


Small steps in the right direction is the way to go. Tweaking your daily habits inline with these steps, will ensure your belly fat goals are met. It’s not rocket science but it is about taking consistent action and you have to stick to the plan.

You can do it, I believe in you.

You can do this! One thing you have on your side at the moment is time. Everyone is home due to COVID19 and in a great position to get a healthier eating and fitness plan in place. 


The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is you. Decide today that you are going to commit to this ‘Tighter in 10 days’ plan and start paving the way to the body of your dreams.

The science of belly fat

Check the following link. It goes into a little more detail on what is belly fat ? and why its super important to reduce it.


Make sure you don’t forget to download your FREE action plan  and good luck!


P.S. Shhhh…… My secret tip to a beautiful toned tummy… here goes…. Keep your tummy held in just that little bit, all  of the time!


Simple hey?


Put a notification in your phone that goes off every hour and reminds you to hold it all in. You don’t need to cut off your air supply and hold your breath! Just imagine you are fastening up your jeans and you need to suck it in just a little to do up the button.


This really is a game changer and something all the famous models do that are being photographed day in, day out. It engages your core muscles, ignites the muscle fibres and over time, you don’t even have to think about it doing, your body will just remember!


Keep me posted on your achievements, I can’t wait to hear all the success stories. 

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