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Why Women Are So Scared To Take Risks And Fear Failure

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A fear of failure can be truly crippling when wanting to make progress in life, and as women, we experience a dislike to risk-taking more than men.


Why? Well, there’s a lot of factors at play here… but if you’re embarking on a journey and want to walk with confidence as a woman, (yes please!)… then understanding this ingrained fear is the first step to shaking it off.

Why do us women fear risk taking? 

Well, firstly it could be society’s view of women.


Women are considered the caretakers of others, and very much the reliable backbone of most family structures, friendship groups and professional associations.


Realistically, a lot of decisions you make impact others as well as yourself, so it’s only natural that  your decision-making process is a little more cautious and sheltered than it may be if it were only affecting you solely. This doesn’t mean that a woman’s role with responsibilities over others should stop them from seeking success though, if anything, it should prove just how capable of achieving greatness you really are!


What’s more, society has a set view of how women should behave and what they should do – in a way that sadly just isn’t mirrored for men. This means that women are much more likely to spend time worrying and caring what others think of them and the decisions they’re making; which may not occur at all for men.


Double standards like this are so heavily ingrained that you may find yourself second-guessing your progress, judgements and decisions. Working on improving that inner self-dialogue and building your confidence isn’t easy, but it is possible and needs to be done.


No matter what the world tells us or how it frames us, you deserve the opportunity to make your own mind up and take your own risks just as much as anyone else. A fear of failure only stifles creativity and will weaken your personal journey – so it’s time to shed the shackles and get on over it.


How do you adopt a carefree attitude and take better, judged risks that suit you? Follow these simple steps…

Acknowledge that everything you do has some form of risk attached.

There is no way you can avoid risk in everything, so why not take a chance once in a while? There is very much a difference between taking well-judged and weighted risks and stupidity – and knowing you’ve worked out the pros, cons and risks attached to anything can change your perception on it entirely.

Make an action plan and attack it in bite-sized chunks.

Outline, on paper if needed, exactly what actions you’d need to take if you were to proceed with doing the thing you’re afraid of failing. Whatever the first step is, no matter how small it may be, take it. Then reflect and look back on it. How hard was it? Was it worth it? Are the rest of the steps as achievable as this one when broken down? Plan. Do. Enjoy!

Re-shape your self-talk.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… talk to yourself kindly! You should be your own biggest cheerleader, and then you’ll never be let down. Make affirmations that sit with you so deeply you’re inspired to stand up and take action. Learn from, but don’t dwell on your setbacks, and know that you can move forwards with strength. 

Enjoy the ride!

Taking risks doesn’t get any easier for most of us, but that’s not to say that it can’t be hugely rewarding when it goes right. Providing that you take sensible and well-calculated steps toward your goals, the risk of failure is minimal – and if the worst does happen, dust yourself off, pick yourself up and carry on. It has to be cloudy and grey for you to appreciate the rainbows and sunshine that’s to come… and if you keep your sunglasses packed, you’ll need them eventually. The sun is truly beautiful when it finally shines!

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