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Women Who Are Desperate For Change But Don’t Know Where To Start

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Having spent the last two years living through times of unprecedented turmoil, uncertainty and change completely outside of our control… it is no surprise that so many of us are looking to reground, regroup and find ourselves again. 


But… where do you start?


Coronavirus and its impact on us all is by no means over yet…however, this shouldn’t stop us from embarking on that healing journey that we’re all after, that’ll eventually solidify us, and improve and enhance our own circumstances for the better. If you’re looking for inspiration in words for confident women or words to describe strong women, start with self-awareness and consistent effort… and go on from there!

The Starting Point: Visualisation

Who are you now? 

What are your strengths? 

What are your weaknesses? 

What are your fears? 



It is only upon acknowledging your true self and sense of being that you can visualise how you would like to change and who you would like to be in the future. Visualising and manifesting a new reality for yourself must begin with you understanding what you want, and the life you want to create.

Then: Make a Change

The idea of implementing a life change so early in a new learning process can be daunting, but think of it as less of a life event and more of a positive habit. Absolutely any action that encourages you to move in the right direction toward the new you is a change – even if it feels small or unimportant. A single step up the ladder is still a step; and reducing the pressure from yourself in not trying to do too much at once can only be beneficial for you in achieving your goals.

From here: Get to work

Set a tangible goal for yourself of something that you would like to achieve. Again, it need not be vast or long-term; but just an objective. Set out how your behaviours and/or actions must change to meet this goal, and work to build new habits to strengthen this journey. 


Habits are built day-by-day on small behavioural shifts and once performed and repeated, will quickly become your new ‘norm’ – in both physical activity and in your thought patterns. Work. Repeat. Work. Repeat. Instilling habits can take more time in some people than others but what truly matters is that you try, and stick with it as best you can.

Remember: Believe in yourself

You know who you want to be and you know the life you want to live. So you just have to set the goal and do the work. The person best placed to achieve your desires is you, because you have the drive and willingness to get there and make them happen. Of course, this is not to say that the journey will be easy or linear: in fact, it likely will be neither. 


In times of struggle (mentally, physically or emotionally), involve those who inspire you, who encourage you or who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”… well, it takes one to build and rebuild an adult, too! Even if you’ve not yet quite learnt how to value yourself as a woman or how to assert yourself to achieve what you deserve, there will undoubtedly be others in your life that do see that value in you, so allow them to nurture you along the way.


You’ve read the inspirational quotes of women achieving things at a mature age, or embarking on their passion projects without qualification, or not realising their goals until long after conventional expectations had passed.


All of these are valid and these women all have one thing in common: they reevaluated, learnt from their actions, and rebuilt themselves, time after time after time again. In doing the same and taking small amounts of action day by day, bit by bit, you too can be whole and happy… it just takes that first step to get walking the path. 


Success isn’t about how far you’ve come compared to someone else… because when you compare yourself to others, there will always be someone that’s further ahead than you. Success is about how far you’ve come from where you started. 


It’s all doable so start BELIEVING in yourself and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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