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7 Killer Confidence Tips That Will Change Your Life!

7 Killer Confidence Tips That Will Change Your Life! -build your confidence

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How confident are you?

Believe it or not,  you are not born confident, and confidence doesn’t just suddenly appear and become part of your personality, when you reach a milestone or achieve a goal.

Confidence is something you learn and build over time, and normally stems from an accumulation of successes.

Even the most confident woman can struggle with wobbles in their self-belief from time-to-time.

If there’s 10 things a girl wants in life, ‘Confidence’ is likely to be in the top 5!

Check out these ‘7 Killer Tips’ that will help you build confidence and create a life you love.oman

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1. Talk To Yourself Better

Your inner monologue should be as kind to you as you try to be to others! 

When you look in the mirror, do you rush to focus in on the bits you don’t like? Or do you take a second to smile at the bits you do? 

Learning to improve your self-talk will encourage and motivate you to do better, and help you move forward in achieving whatever it is that you want from life.

For every negative thought you have about yourself, force yourself to think a positive one too.

When the comments you make about yourself are negative, try stopping yourself at that moment and say something more upbeat instead.

2. Get To Know Yourself

What are your values? Your beliefs? Your life rules? 

You should by now, know yourself pretty well. If you feel you don’t, take the time to learn more about what makes you ‘feel good’ and how you want to show up. 

Gaining balance in your life and identifying what it is that you want to achieve, will see your confidence grow. 

Set your boundaries and dig a little deeper into your needs, wants and desires. This is as much an exercise in self-discovery as it is in setting boundaries – and both can be hugely beneficial to you and your confidence. 

3. Visualise The You That You Want To Be

If you could design the perfect ‘you’, consider the personality traits you’d choose for yourself, the skills you’d have and the people you’d surround yourself with. 

Visualise this and use it as a model to work towards. 

Many self-confidence stories from successful people include a degree of manifestation, and the first step towards that is to identify exactly what it is that you want.

Design the ‘You’, you want be… and get working on it! 

4. Take Action

Confident people don’t allow opportunities to pass them by, even if they’re a bit nervous or anxious about them. 

Getting things done and making positive steps in the right direction is the only way to build your confidence and keep it moving forward. 

Know when to say yes, know when to say no, and see the whole process as a way of taking action, learning and getting closer to your desired outcome.

However hard you manifest something, it still needs your effort and action to make it work… so get up and at ‘em, asap!

5. Embrace Mistakes

No one’s perfect…. not even Beyonce! 

You’ll make mistakes along the way on your journey towards the life you desire and undoubtedly, you’ll do things you wish you didn’t. 

A common trait amongst confident people, and particularly confident women, is that they take ownership of their mistakes, admit to them openly and learn from them. 

There’s nothing more grown-up and mature than admitting when you’ve done wrong (or just less-than-ideal) and owning the fact and, believe it or not, this is another way you build confidence. 

If you’re truly committed to always growing as a person, embracing your mistakes will eventually become second nature, even if it feels a bit awkward to begin with.

6. Practice Gratitude and Stay Humble

Even when you’re having a down day, feel you’ve taken a wrong turn, or have performed less-than-perfect at something you wanted to do, it’s important to acknowledge your progress and the amazing skills that you are creating. 

Practicing gratitude for the things you’re grateful for and the stuff you have achieved is a great confidence boost. After all, confidence involves liking how you are as a person, and giving thanks, really does make you a happier person.

You could try listing three things you’re grateful for each night before you go to sleep, and try staying humble and happy even when the going gets tough.

7. Move Yourself !

Exercise needn’t be a given when it comes to confidence, but it has many emotional and physical benefits that can improve a person’s self-belief. 

A short walk, outdoors in the fresh air, will release endorphins (the happy hormone), give your immune system a boost, and help tone you physically. 

Exercise helps clear your mind and refresh your perspective. By doing so it allows you some thinking space to get clarity on what’s important.

There’s no need to sign up to run a marathon or start an expensive yoga course – unless that’s your goal. Instead, consider getting up and out each day for half an hour and seeing where your body (and mind) takes you.

Exercise really does improve the way you see yourself and not only that… it lowers your stress and anxiety – so it’s a win-win.

‘With realisation of one’s own potential and self-confidence in ones ability, one can build a better world’ – Dalai Lama.

This is your world and your life, so go shape it and make it everything that you dream it to be. 

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