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Why Are Some Women Jealous Of Other Women?

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Social media…

it’s full of fast fashion websites promoting ‘Women Empowering Women’ and ‘The Future Is Female’ slogan t-shirts. 

Yet once you log off your social media channels and get on with, well life… it doesn’t always feel like the sisterhood is pushing you on. 

So why are some women jealous of other women and why do you experience jealousy towards other women? 

Let’s investigate…

What’s The Root Of Jealousy?

Jealousy forms part of women’s primitive skills from many years ago; whereby women essentially had to compete for the alpha, the most fertile male, and ensure they had the best chance of meeting and reproducing with him! 

Of course, that’s no longer the case now, but jealousy still forms part of a natural response – and that equates to a lack of self-confidence when compared to other people.

Everyone feels jealous at some time in their life, be it with good reason or not. 

However, in the current male-controlled society, it’s especially common for women to struggle with jealousy – because the mainstream media constantly tells us that we’re not pretty enough, not successful enough, not good enough, and not strong enough. 

From a young age we’re raised to feel that we’re fragile; which in turn can lead to low self-confidence.

It’s important to remember that although feeling jealousy is natural, it’s also destructive and in the long-term, leads to bitterness and resentment.

How Can You Overcome Feeling Jealous?

The only way to overcome jealousy is to adopt a new self-confidence, and truly understand and acknowledge that you are enough. 

You must wholly believe in your own beauty, self-worth, skills and capabilities.

You can check out my previous blog:  Self Worth On Steroids if you need help or guidance in this area.

Balancing confidence vs competence can be tricky; particularly if you’re really good at what you do,  but simply don’t hold that belief in yourself. 

No one wants to come across as cocky or over-confident, but there’s also a degree of ‘fake it till you make it’ in life. And sometimes, that’s just what’s required by your own mind!

When you act in a certain way, it allows your brain to ‘rehearse’ a new way of thinking, and that can set off a desired chain of events in the future.

Confidence does lead to competence and the more you grow in confidence, the more opportunities will come your way. 

Those who are confident and competent, develop an aura. They have an ‘air of confidence’ about them. This doesn’t mean to say they’re arrogant, but that they have a healthy degree of self-worth, know who they are and what they want.

That’s an attractive quality to have – and you can start working on this for yourself today!

Realistically, you’ll always feel jealous of something because no matter how much you have in life… there will always be something that you don’t. 

Just know that for everyone, the time in which you waste feeling jealousy, you gain nothing. 

You need to spend that time much more constructively to change anything. 

Make a choice…

Choose taking action, empowerment and self-improvement. 

How Can I Overcome Another Woman Feeling Jealous Of Me?

It can feel uncomfortable to deal with someone else feeling jealous of you and your situation, rightly or wrongly. But genuinely, there’s nothing you can do for that person other than help contribute to their own self-confidence. 

Let them know you think they’re great, even if they can’t see it for themselves.

Female jealousy is harmful. 

If you’re struggling with feelings of guilt or other negative emotions toward someone feeling jealous of you, be reminded that the person dealing with the jealousy inside them, is being hurt by this more than anyone; and the consequences of it can be long term for them. 

You deserve all you have achieved, and that others asserting any jealousy towards you only shows just how far you have come. 

Words Of Inspiration

A quick google of ‘confident women quotes’ will bring up some brilliant and succinct wisdom; so when you need a little boost, read them and feel inspired. 

Perhaps my favourite is “a strong woman accepts both compliments and criticism graciously, knowing it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow”. 

Don’t allow others to plant you in the ground with their words unless you’re willing to be a seed, absorb what you can from it, and grow from there.

Ideally all women would support and nurture each other, but unfortunately that can’t always be the case. 

For now, do what you can to uplift others and you’ll uplift yourself at the same time. 

Strong women empower other strong women, and there’s no better time to become one of them. 

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.


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