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Being Indecisive Makes Me Anxious

Being Indecisive Makes Me Anxious

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Being indecisive makes you anxious? It’s a super frustrating trait in other people, but indecision can easily rear its ugly head even in those of us who normally have it all together. 

Ever asked someone what they wanted for dinner and had them unable to even name you a food? It’s annoying, and what’s worse is, when you catch yourself in a cycle of indecision, you can get annoyed with yourself too! 

There’s no solid ‘how-to guide’ on how to be a strong minded woman, but you can nurture yourself in the right direction by taking small, positive steps.

Why Procrastination Stops You Taking Action 

Procrastination is the act of having something you need to get done… and doing everything else but that thing! Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. We’ve all been there.

The problem with procrastination, despite of course it delaying the ticks on your to-do list, is that it tends to just perpetuate the problem. 

When you do finally get round to doing whatever it was you needed to (and that could be literally anything: writing a blog, taking the bins out, making a call), it usually turns out to be quick and easy, and you wonder why you waited. 

But do you learn? Rarely. 

It is human nature to not want to do everything you have to, but once you start putting things off, it’s really difficult to get out of the habit. It’s a fact: part of girls becoming women and leading adult lives is that they just have to get on with things… even things they don’t really like!

Feeling Stuck Can Make You Feel Anxious

Realistically, you know that being undeceive on your weekend outfit, isn’t going to have a negative impact overall on your life’s path! However, when you struggle to make larger life decisions, anxiety can quickly overwhelm you as there’s so much sitting in the unknown. 

Even those who don’t usually suffer from anxiety often feel wary at the prospect of making a life-changing choice – it’s completely normal.

Social media plays a part here too: we constantly see others making progress in their lives, and feeling stuck can make you unnecessarily compare their situations to your own.

It’s good to remind yourself that what you see isn’t always the truth, and it’s worth remembering that everybody suffers times of doubt and anxiety, even the people that you believe have it all together.

When you are uncertain of what route to take, be present in the moment. Remember that you don’t have to have it all figured out now. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes, so take a one small step and correct it if it at any point it feels wrong, or doesn’t lead you down the path you want to take.

How To Overcome Indecision

Firstly, it’s important to remember that your life is not on the same path as anyone else’s – so comparisons are nonsensical!

If you’re struggling to overcome indecision, there are actions you can take to help overcome it and move on. Try:

  • Writing a good, old-fashioned pros and cons list – weigh up your options and see what sits well for you
  • Asking others – if there’s anyone you know is level-headed and can stay reasonable, without any investment (that is, emotional, financial or otherwise!) in the situation, have an open and honest chat with them and get another opinion
  • Embrace the unknown – simply accept that there’s lots you can’t change, and lots you can’t know. This can be very difficult, but is often the difference in weak women vs strong women – taking the plunge and seeing what life brings. You have to decide sometime. Why not now?

What To Do If Anxiety Rears Its Head

It’s important to read this article and remember that what we’re covering here isn’t ‘how to have a carefree attitude’.

You can (and absolutely should!) care about the decisions you make and the consequences they can have. That’s compassion!

But you do need to deal with the anxiety decision-making can bring in a thorough way. 

Stay mindful of your anxiety, and recognise and acknowledge that you’re suffering from it and that it may be clouding your judgment. 

Seek help if you need to (a friend, a family member, a professional – whatever works for you and your situation) and be kind to yourself.

Set a deadline by which to have taken action by and reward yourself for making a decision before that date and time. 

Something to remember is that even if you live to regret a decision in the future (and we all do at some point), it felt right for you at the time. So if you’re looking for details on how to walk with confidence as a woman and overcome indecision, procrastination and anxiety? Weigh up your options, make your decision and own it. It’s all yours and however it pans out, you’ll work with it. 

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2 thoughts on “Being Indecisive Makes Me Anxious”

    1. Hi Morgan, I read the article, thanks for sharing it. I’m all about goals, planning ahead and building healthy habits.

      Too much indecisiveness over time, builds the habit of being indecisive. And I hear you loud and clear as I’ve been a very indecisive person for many years! I was set on combating it because it made me anxious (hence the blog post!), so I stared using the phrase ‘Decide and Commit.

      I’d make a decision (obviously rationally and one of benefit to myself and my family) and then’d I commit. Sometimes I wouldn’t get the outcome I wanted, but in the end that really didn’t matter because we can always course correct, right? And what doesn’t propel us forward we always learn from. Why not give it a try and make it your mantra? Tell yourself ‘Morgan, I’m gonna decide and commit’.

      Maybe start with simpler things like deciding on what to eat for dinner or what to wear in the morning, and once your decision is made stick with it (thats the commitment part).

      Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
      Take care, Emma x

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