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How To Overcome Anxiety And Build Unstoppable Self-Confidence

No matter how confident people may appear, no one leads a life without a wobble once in a while. The odd bout of anxiety, worry and doubting yourself is normal, and everyone reading this blog will experience similar feelings once in a while. If these feelings become overwhelming and constant, there’s no shame in seeking professional help to overcome them

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why don't people like me

Why Don’t People Like Me: 5 Top Tips For Feeling This Way.

Why Don’t People Like Me?      Let’s dig a little deeper…   We all know that not everyone we meet in life is going to like us or want to become our bestie! But, this doesn’t make it any less upsetting when you’re faced with this scenario. When this happens, it’s very easy for your subconscious to slip into

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build my confidence

Why Are Some Women Jealous Of Other Women?

Social media… it’s full of fast fashion websites promoting ‘Women Empowering Women’ and ‘The Future Is Female’ slogan t-shirts.  Yet once you log off your social media channels and get on with, well life… it doesn’t always feel like the sisterhood is pushing you on.  So why are some women jealous of other women and why do you experience jealousy

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7 Killer Confidence Tips That Will Change Your Life! -build your confidence

7 Killer Confidence Tips That Will Change Your Life!

How confident are you? Believe it or not,  you are not born confident, and confidence doesn’t just suddenly appear and become part of your personality, when you reach a milestone or achieve a goal. Confidence is something you learn and build over time, and normally stems from an accumulation of successes. Even the most confident woman can struggle with wobbles

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Being Indecisive Makes Me Anxious

Being Indecisive Makes Me Anxious

Being indecisive makes you anxious? It’s a super frustrating trait in other people, but indecision can easily rear its ugly head even in those of us who normally have it all together.  Ever asked someone what they wanted for dinner and had them unable to even name you a food? It’s annoying, and what’s worse is, when you catch yourself

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