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Good Habits: This Year and Beyond

A new year is always a time for reflection upon the past and planning for the future, but very few people ever make it to the end of a year having set and actually stuck to New Years Resolutions. Whatever good habits and big goals you have for yourself will only manifest themselves if you have the self-confidence and the

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3 Ways To Become More Disciplined

A new year always delivers a feeling of refreshment, of new opportunity and a chance to change, progress and grow. However, as much as we all set new year’s resolutions, even those with the best of intentions to fulfil them often fail – and unfortunately, the reason for this is often ourselves.    We all need self-discipline to see us

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Are You Addicted To Being Somebody You Don’t Want To Be?

When we think of addictions, a mental image is conjured up of illegal substances, hard liquor and ill health. In truth, addiction can happen to anyone and doesn’t need to involve anything like these things but instead can be a mental battle you don’t even know you’re fighting.    Everyone wants to live a better, more fulfilled life and be happy.

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Why Women Are So Scared To Take Risks And Fear Failure

A fear of failure can be truly crippling when wanting to make progress in life, and as women, we experience a dislike to risk-taking more than men.   Why? Well, there’s a lot of factors at play here… but if you’re embarking on a journey and want to walk with confidence as a woman, (yes please!)… then understanding this ingrained

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Looking At Rejection As Redirection

People pleasers and influencer type personalities draw energy and inspiration from time spent around others. They’re able to see the best in people and always learn something new from someone new – even if it’s that they don’t wish to spend much more time with them at all.   These bubbly and creative happy people are truly a joy to

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Can The Tortoise Ever Really Beat The Hare?

You know the fable: two unequal partners race and the underdog wins. It’s not a directly relevant tale to life in all circumstances, and of course, you’ll face many situations in life that require a flight or fight response and quick, direct action. However, in most of life’s challenges, a more measured and considered response can be made.   One

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